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We have created this website just for you, since we believe that skills can be inculcated. The real changes happen inside out. Our course transforms a person’s personality. In this globalized world English is a need of the hour.

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Why Choose Us

What is important to you when choosing where to study? With a diverse population of students from all over the world,  find out what our students love about studying at H.M. Classes.

Do you feel like you’ve been learning English for years and making very little progress?
With guidance from a dedicated trainer, discover your needs and work towards personal objectives. Receive help with your language learning life and tips which can be applied immediately. Review your common mistakes and new vocabulary regularly and notice the sudden change in your level. Become motivated again by using interesting material and engaging activities in your classes.
Are English classes often boring and irrelevant to you?

At H.M. Classes the courses are tailor‐made for each company and student. We rarely use textbooks and co‐create the material with you. The classes are materials‐lightand focused on resources that you use every day. Explore the soft skills that you need, for example, how to resolve a conflict, negotiate a deal or give constructive feedback.

Do you get nervous speaking or frustrated by not being able to say what you want?

In a comfortable environment you will practise the skills needed for your job and daily life. You will have maximum speaking practice to improve your fluency and confidence. Get feedback and advice on how to make fewer mistakes and speak with conviction. Learn ways to captivate an audience and become a better speaker.

Our methodology, strategy and material are the result of the experience and success in the teaching of the English language, which always keep up with progress in the teaching and learning sector.

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